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"Old" films


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Garret Adams

I genuinely enjoyed the film and the actors, does anyone know of any other older movies that either of these actors are in?

Gabriel Yanez

I was wondering if anyone else felt that the film was lacking in plot? It had great potential to be a good detective film, but became a romance film, then back to a detective film at the end.

Ryan Giles

I thought the movie was good, had a surprise twist towards the end. Wouldn’t say that it wasn’t my favorite Alfred Hitchcock movie. But still a good film to watch by yourself or with someone else.

Andy McDonald

Gabriel I agree with you. This movie had the worst plot I've seen in a while. I also feel like it suffered from an identity crisis. Was this a detective movie, a psychological thriller, or a romantic tragedy? I have no clue, and it felt like Hitchcock, the writers, and everybody else involved had no idea either. Thank you for agreeing with me.

Kevin Smith

First reaction was very meh. I didn't love it, but I didn't like it. I doubt I'll watch it again outside the context of this class. I suppose I'd recommend it to people who are already fans of Hitchcock, but not as a first entry into his films

Jose Hernandez

Vertigo was a great movie, this is my first time seeing an old classic movie like this one and I've truly enjoyed it.

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